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Guidefi Connects Women and People of Color to an Exclusive
Network of Vetted Culturally Competent Financial Professionals,
a Supportive Community, and Curated Learning Experiences
on the Journey To Build Wealth.

What is Guidefi?

Guidefi is a financial wellness
company built on the deep core
belief that everyone deserves access
to credible affordable financial
advice, yet everyone does not have
access right now.

Guidefi offers women and people of color the
opportunity to build, grow, and protect their
wealth. Our incredible national network of
independent vetted culturally competent
financial advisors, coaches, and counselors have
built their careers by serving women and
communities of color. We help the communities
we serve build wealth on their terms.

Guidefi Advisor Network

The Guidefi Mobile App connects you to the Guidefi Advisor Network, which is an exclusive network of vetted culturally competent financial professionals. Are you a financial professional interested in Guidefi? Sign up to find out more about the Guidefi Advisor Network here.

Guidefi Digital Community

Membership within our paid digital community connects you with a network of individuals —just like you —that are ready to get on the path to building wealth. Find your “wealth building tribe” of accountability partners that will help you set, execute, and crush your financial goals!

Guidefi Events

Membership has its privileges. Membership within the Guidefi Digital Community provides access to a range of curated learning experiences that will help support you on your wealth building journey.

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